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3 Ways to Say Thanks to Your Plants

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

A quick message from your plants this busy holiday season

We have worked hard all summer long to push out new growth for your amusement and Instagram feed. Here are three simple ways to say, “Thank you, plants, for the joy you gave me this year.”

TALK: Let's have a conversation! Results from a study by South Korea's National Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology found that, “the two genes found in a plant's response to light...are turned on by music played at 70 decibels. ‘This is about the level of a normal conversation,’ says Marini. The Korean researchers found differing responses depending on the frequency of the sound. The higher the frequency, the more active the gene response.” That means all of you Plant Daddys out there need to brush off your high pitch opera voice!

STOP: "Drowning" me with love. No really, please stop overwatering me. With the holidays approaching, my dormant season is here. I don’t need so much “love.” If you are looking for watering tips, check out this conversation with Plant Expert, Jeff, from Plants Alive.

TWIST: If you really want to do SOMETHING to feel like you are a great plant parent, try rotating me. Turn up the holiday tunes and do the twist! I’m not the best dancer so you may start to worry that I might be dead. Don’t fret, I could be dormant. Check here for signs of a dormant plant.

The best “thanks” you can give me is good high-pitched conversation, the occasional water, and a good twist and I’ll keep bringing you that photo worthy holiday cheer!

Looking to spread your love of plants into the holiday season? Start planning your “Green Christmas,” now!~ The gift of propagation, clippings, and plants for friends and family are unique and trendy! Pair it with our plant parent app, BloomCatch, so they can keep their present alive!

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