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Getting My Hands Dirty

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Spring time in my family means getting your hands dirty. That means pulling weeds, digging holes for new flowers or laying mulch. For my mom and aunts, it’s an all-hands-on-deck task. I gained a passion for getting my hands dirty and creating something extravagant from them. Like turning a once weed-filled flower bed into something from out of a magazine.

My father contributed to my passion by sharing his love of vegetable gardening. Every year, he and I start crops from seed and watch as they flourish into a fruitful creation. I get a great deal of satisfaction watching as my flower and vegetable beds grow from a seedling so small, you’re not sure they’ll make it, to full explosions of color and beauty. There are always new plants to learn as well as new tools and tricks to help.

The idea of having an endless plant data base in my hand is exciting. The BloomCatch app is filled with information on plants and their growing habits. What excites me most is that I get to contribute to this data.

Working for a company that involves plants and helping people access information on them is very satisfying. I get the same satisfaction watching my gardens flourish into something spectacular.

Blog by Taylor Loy, Plant Expert, BloomCatch

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